Compulsive liars of Reddit, what is the most awesome thing you have ever done?

This might be long. I had to do an online course, and basically this was an unintentional string of lies which could have really screwed things up for me.

This was my final class, which I needed to graduate. It was a lousy class which I had to take won't mention the online Uni because I'm still worried. (But i've graduated already)

I needed a proctor and I tried contacting one here, but I got no response and time was crucial. The exam was sent to the building where I'm suppose to take the exam. I ask about the place, the guard said that the place no longer exists. I feel like I'm fu**ed. Miraculously, the DHL guy walks by and I instinctively ask him if he has a document for <Insert proctor name>. He said yes and that I should pick it up from the DHL office.

I had no choice. well I did but I decided to go to the DHL office and convince them I HAD to pick it up for my proctor.It was the exam, I faked everything and used his name and fake address to pick up the exam, and I even did the exam and mailed it back to the University. My heart was pumping hoping they won't find out... A week later got the exam result. This was the midterm got a B.

I was watching prison break at the time so I felt like I out performed Michael Scoffiled. I did the same thing for the final exam.

Where it got scary was when I got an email from the University stating that they "Cant process the exam grade, without speaking to the proctor".

I died that night, No sleep, hot sweats, anxiety. I had no idea what to do. I was in the shit.

Next day waited. I had no choice I had to fake the phone call. I acted like I was the proctor with a very fake accent of a country, to not raise suspicions. I called and spoke and acted like a careless proctor. The person on the other line was a very friendly American girl. (I'm from a country with a 5+ time difference)

My girly name saved my ass. The girl on the line thought the test taker was a girl, so my manly voice ;) saved me there as well to reassure them its probably not a girl speaking. They asked me a few questions just statements. 1.Was the exam taker there 2.Did they have ID those sorts of questions.

She said thank you, said goodbyes was over. I passed transferred grade. Graduated :D yay first reddit post..kind of a lurker thought this was worth mentioning.

TL;DR:Unintentionally stole my exam and faked being my own proctor. Ninja'd Test from DHL- Sent Exams to Uni as proctor (fraud). Got email from Uni wanting to speak to proctor to confirm everything. My girly name saved me, I am a man. Called the University as the proctor (identify theft), Stating the student did the exam. Passed.

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