Confused Rant-ish

I know right! My mom is a talker and for once in her life was at a loss of words for the whole situation haha.

The opposite happened for me this year. I spent way too much time over the years just dwelling on my age, how my entire family and my old college friends are married and having babies and doing what I've been told people my age should be doing (buying homes and popping out kids), and how much my peers loved their jobs while I was there hating every second of it. I would sit at my computer cyber-stalking them and all the self-loathing was exhausting and just plain old pathetic.

I left my job early in the year and decided to go back to school and I don't know maybe being at home has made me realize how much I love all this solitude. I have actually had time to think about what exactly it is I want in my life and that it's okay to be a little selfish about it.

I've stopped overthinking it all and just taking it day by day and focusing on my main goal which is complete my degree. After that I will worry about the next step, but I'm definitely not worrying about if I fall in love or whatever. That's honestly the least of my worries as I want to focus on my career and having a more financially secure future for myself.

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