[CONTEST] Have some spare cash and am looking for advice.

I know the contest is over, this is just something I'm going through right now, too. But 5 years out of college.

I majored in something I love. I have an interdisciplinary liberal arts bachelor (humanities & social sciences), and work in the arts.

I took the advice to do something you love and you'll never have to "work" a day in your life. Well, you may also never work a day because the jobs in your field are few and far between...or you don't have all the skills that an employer wants...or you can get an entry-level job in your field, but everyone who gets promoted seems to have more business or technical skills...So you get stuck working a dead end job or something you hate. Then however many years later you're trying to figure out how to escape to do what you had hoped to do back when you were in college...Which is where I'm at now.

Would I have majored in something different? No. First because I was, and still am, passionate about it. I really enjoyed my classes. I learned a ton. I like my field. But...

I would have double majored or gotten a certificate or minor in something more "practical" to broaden my choices in my field. It probably would have added some summer school or an extra semester for me, but in hindsight it definitely would have been worth it. My university offered a lot of undergrad certificates in things like arts management, business leadership, marketing, information resources (like archives, library studies), nonprofit management...Now I am going back to school for a certificate. It would have just been much easier as an undergrad, before I really started my career, if I had did it back then.

If you major in English and minor in marketing (just as an example), think of all the opportunities in publishing, advertising, and journalism you could have. You'd start at the same place other liberal arts majors do (interning, answering phones, bottom of the ladder...), but you'll actually have the skills and resume to get promoted. Especially if you keep your skills updated and are ambitious.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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