Could the sword cut through armor in this case?

This is so stupid. Yes armor isn't indestructible and there are armors with holes, but those holes certainly didn't get there from a sword. Pollaxes, Warhammers, early guns etc.. caused such damage to armor but not swords.

To get through armor you need a top heavy weapon with either a solid pike or specialized Warhammer. Sword has most weight towards the handle. So it is essentially the opposite of those other weapons. It really doesn't matter how much strength you have, if the sword and the armor were made out of the same material, then this 10 foot giant is more likely to destroy his own sword than cut through the armor. BECAUSE of his strength.

You need to remember that swords are just very thin metal bars. Even more so towards the edges. Armor has thickness to it. No way it can ever go through.

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