Daily Thread - Loot Wednesday

I'm a long-time lurker (years) on reddit overall, but I've been lurking on this sub-reddit almost daily since I started playing Destiny. I didn't know anything about the game when I started playing it a few weeks after release (I rented it at redbox just to try it out and it hasn't left my ps4 since that day). This is my first post ever because of last night. Yesterday, I was lurking this sub and noticed a lot of posts regarding exotic drops (one item in particular) that I have bee hoping for since day one. It is quite literally the last item I feel I need (so far) to complete my arsenal. I'm not the most avid or dedicated player, but I have three level 32 characters (all different classes), and I have beaten every raid, strike, mission, etc on all difficulty levels, so I don't think I am a filthy casual either. I have all of the exotics I feel that I need/want except for this one item that has alluded me so far. For some reason, I had a feeling yesterday/last night that it was going to happen. I've never had this type of premonition feeling before, so I don't know why yesterday was different. I always try to manage my expectations, so I am not disappointed by RNG, or I am ecstatic if I do get a good drop. So I am running the Nightfall last night with some friends and after the first one I get the Suros Regime. This is currently my favorite exotic (I really like ARs, and this one is my fav due to high impact/damage), but I already have one. No biggie, good drop, felt really bad for my friend who got nothing and does not have the Suros. After the second Nightfall I get nothing significant, one of the other guys gets the Suros Regime, and again my friend gets junk. Okay, two down, one left...still feel bad since the Suros has dropped twice, except for my friend who wants one. The last Nightfall run my friend and I pick up someone from destinylfg for help and I was kinda making some jokes to the new guy about the previous Suros drops and how I really wanted this one item and I would be crazy happy (the posts recently show people going nuts over this thing) if I got one for this run. We get about halfway through the strike and we all die, not sure how, stupid mistake, whatever, but back to orbit. I was almost ready to call it a night and finish today, but figured meh...might as well get them all done for the week. We run it again and beat it pretty quickly. After beating Omingul, it did not post in the bottom left corner of the screen what drops we got. We were all like...damn, no one got any good drops, that really sucks. The feeling of disappointment started to set in...what was I thinking? Why did I think I would finally get it? A whole day and most of the night getting hyped for this huge letdown....and then the results screen popped up. We waited patiently as the little boxes spun in the top right corner...and then...finally...(it felt like it was taking forever)...boom, it dropped. I finally got the last item I truly have wanted in this game. I calmly said, "oh wow...I'm not gonna freak out like most people and go nuts. I'm just gonna disconnect and go be really, really happy". My friend said, well, take us to the tower while you go masturbate (he got a really good exotic helm as a drop also, which is great). So I took us to the tower and loaded my new item so I could finally see it in all its glory. I had done it, I had finally gotten Super Good Advice! I sat and checked out all the great perks and started calculating how many bounties I would need to start leveling it up and get to the good perks (the last perk before the final upgrades is the best!). I was really tired at this point, but I went and did the Eris bounties just to start leveling it up ASAP. This weapon is awesome, and I can't wait to get home and hit all the bounties, on all three characters, to get this thing to 331 tonight. Crota on HM will be so much easier with this thing! Crucible...forget it, this thing wrecks people (sorry Truth!). I'm so glad I stuck it out and finished the Nightfalls last night; this thing was totally worth the wait!

edit: Sorry, I meant Gjallarhorn

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