I'm talking about general updates or just a monthly rundown or anything at all. There are plenty of projects where it's absolutely radio-silence. MOBI/mobius comes to mind here. The CEO thinks he's the new Steve Jobs and his project will have an impact like Apple.

When he comes down to us peasants it's shit like: 'Build and they will come' or 'the team, like Apple and Steve Jobs, thinks it is INCREDIBLY STUPID to tell competitors what they are doing in advance '. While I agree with that, they build some shitty websites with their $39 million funding that get reworked every few months and still with bugs, probably by a 12 year old from fiverr.

Their dapp-store is hilarious if you forget their funding for a moment. No developeris interested to develop there, no user is interested to use it. There is literally no marketing, worst PR ever- that's what I meant.

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