Dear Employers...

This is not the place for you to vent. Finding a job is frustrating, but you don't appear to be doing anything to better yourself. You can't just say "I'm motivated!" And have it be enough, that's not how life works. You have to show it, you have to look at the industry you want to be in, find some voulenteer activities or online classes that are related to it, you have to find the programs/processes that are already in place and learn them yourself on your own time, that's how you get around being a "slow learner": stop being lazy. Not everyone is a problem solver. I went to school for engineering for 7 years to learn to solve problems, that's what engineering is. They don't mean problems as in you can find your keys when you lose them, they mean problem solver as in you'll go beyond your job description to see what coups be improved at the company and go fix it.

Stop complaining so much holy fucking shit. They don't want you to "take the job of 16 people", they just don't want you to get halfway through a task, realize you need to wait on a piece of information from someone else before you can continue, and then sit there and wait instead of putting it off for later. You're hyperbolizing and frankly it's pathetic. As for the rest of your points, stop being so fucking entitled. It's no one's duty to give you a job, and we wouldn't all be better off if everyone had a great job because those come with responsibility, something you clearly haven't demonstrated. It's no one's fault but yours that you don't have one, and from this post and your attitude, it's not a secret why.

If you actually want help with your resume, you know, the whole point of this sub, post it and we'll help, but honestly your resume could be perfect perfect and I don't think it would help you. I think you fail the interview because you come off as someone who thinks everything should be handed to them, here's a secret: it's not.

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