The devastating coronavirus outbreak at a nursing home near Seattle where 35 have died was likely fueled by infected staff members continuing to come to work, a report found

If you are 1099

I am W2 but didn't accrue enough hours to qualify in my state.

Do you now qualify for Medicaid in your state if it is an expanded Medicaid state?

In my state we have something else for broke, unemployed people. Since I've not yet been officially terminated, I cannot yet apply. I'm technically "on leave" at the moment.

The American government right now is discussing stimulus package is to help people like you and other Americans were affected by this.

So i've heard. I dunno. Our economy is in shambles right now. I can also see it not passing.

You’re in the same boat as a lot of people.

That is true. I feel sorry for them as well.

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