[DISC] Gyaru That Becomes Menhera After 10 Days (Days 0-3) @zurikishi

When I googled Menhera I saw

among the most conspicuous is the emergence of menhera (a portmanteau of “mental health-er”) girls, female characters who exhibit unstable emotionality, obsessive love, and stereotypical self-injurious behaviors such as wrist cutting.

I hope the manga writer is aiming for the emotionally unstable and obsessive love type, instead of the self injury and suicidal shit.

But the top tier waifu for manga writers are the ones that are so in love with you, they would rather off themselves if you ever decide to break up (Whats more wholesome than that?!! /s). Maybe this writer is the same, and thats the whole shtick of this manga. She starts as someone who doesnt know what love is and just wants to fit in by losing her V card. So she picks Mr. Pov but ends up catching insane feelings for him.

I feel like Menhera is the behaviour of people with Borderline or Bipolar disorder. (is the manga community okay?)

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