Discussion: Strikers.

Heres what I would do. We need to go out and find the best youth strikers and stop paying top dollar for 26,27,28 year olds so

This summer

Out - RVP, Falcao, Wilson (loan)

In - Ings, Lacazette

In terms of outs, Falcao has never justified his price tag and is only going to get worse from now on. RVP might be the controversial one but he just isnt fit enough any more, its a case of let him go this year or next so I dont see the point in him hanging on for another year, let him have a couple of good seasons in Hollland if he wants to end his career back home. Wilson might be controversial again but two things concern me about the lad, hes not getting enough games and hes never played outside of Manchester United. he at that age where he needs to learn the game and take the next step and he needs to go away for a season to see if he can do that. Southampton, Everton or even somewhere on the continent would be perfect for a year.

As for ins I cant see a reason to not go for Ings. Its complete no risk, hes going to cost 5 million and is still only 24, in a 3 striker system you can stick him as the 3rd striker for this season, give him all the time in the world to get used to the step up and if it doesnt work you ship him to another club next summer. Lacazette is another no brainier for me (albeit a more expensive one), lighting the French leagues up and is probably the best young striker in the world thats going to be available this summer.

By doing this you give Rooney the main striker spot in a 4-3-3 (or 4-1-4-1) and bring the 2 lads in gently.

Next summer

Possible outs - Rooney

Possible ins - Wilson

Best case scenario - Wilson comes back and looks like a top premiership striker, Lacazette and Ings make the grade then Rooney becomes expendable. He will be 31 at the start of next season and at the age where we can still get money for him and he can still play a role somewhere for a few more years. With Rooney gone you have your 3 strikers sorted for the next 5-7 years.

Worst case scenario - Any of the 3 dont make it you keep Rooney and sign him up to a deal that makes him want to play out his career here and you start to look at whats available next summer knowing you only spent 25 million last summer on the gamble.

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