DmC questions

Here's my two cents on the subject as someone who's finished all the other games.

DmC was not bad. Not at all. The game itself was amazing. First topic: The levels. The stages, scenary, how it changed... Can we all agree they were flawless and amazing? (Ok, not flawless, but you get it). They were immersive, well tought, the "speedrun"/grappling hool parts were actually not boresome as i tought they would be.

Second topic: the Plot. Some people will say it's a bad plot. Honestly, that's because they're too busy loving the other games' plot to try and enjoy this one. It's a reboot, and this rebooted plot was really well executed. Ninja Theory mixed up a twisted visions of our modern society, demons and angels in a really nice way (Ok, the angels part... Not so much, they're my only complaint plot-wise). An another worldy view of a brain washing media and corrupted government against the Rebellion. (I love how NJ made use of Dante's sword's name).

Third topic: the Gameplay. Yeah, they f'd up taking the lock on away. But let's be honest, it's not gamebreaking at all. It along with glitchy camera at times actually screwed me over at a time on the Virility Factory, which made me kinda mad, but... That's a glitch. Every game has them. I also do not know why they took the fighting styles away - i used to love them in Dmc3. I also hated color coded enemies, especially the blue ones. I mean, Aquila and Osiris barely dealt damage to single targets, so every single time those Ghost Rages showed up, i was bored af. And last on this topic: the Devil Trigger. While at times it was certainly useful, sometimes it would just screw me over. I'm sure you will all relate. Also, it was weak visually. The corrupted veins and eyes? Cool! Red and white details? The fuck. They could have made some nephilim energy wings or something, idk. I didn't felt like i was actually becoming stronger when i used DT, unlike the other games.

Final topic: the characters. Let's begin with Kat. She's pretty cool, definitely not a Trish, but still, not a bad character at all. They could have worked some more on her backstory, but oh well. Her problem is: the relationship with Dante. It was poorly made. Dante pretty much changed from the asshole to a nice guy just because of her. Yet they made such a poor job on the couple, it was barely believable.

Now Vergil.

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