Dodged a bullet

The one plus side of someone puking in your car is the damage fee if you clean it yourself. Awhile ago I picked up this self described burner and the first half of the ride she was really talkative, couldn't tell she was intoxicated but she was going on about how great burning man is and all the drugs she does. I was just enjoying the conversation. Next thing you know, she just stops talking, looks like she fell asleep and I'm like whatever, just hope she wakes up when we arrive to her destination. 4 minutes or so go by, and then I hear this splashy water sound, like perhaps she just pissed herself in my car. I turn around and I'm like 'wth was that' and noticed it was in fact puke. She continued before I got a chance to tell her to stop and uraghhhhh got hella fucking wet, sopping puke into my brand new Prius' cloth seats. I was soooo fucking pissed, I kept my cool though and she was just apologizing and I was like 'it's fine' and she was like "I can just get out now, let me give you some money for the damages!" and I was like "I'll still take you to your destination if you want, you're in the car already". She agreed, I informed her to please let me know if she needs me to pull over, took her the rest of the way, but I was silent the rest of the ride.

Glad to have got her home safely, she apologized a bit more and kept insisting on giving me money. Knowing how intoxicated she was, I definitely didn't want to leave her in the middle of nowhere trying to find another ride. So I'm glad she allowed me to make sure she got to her destination. But I told her that Lyft would take care of it and not to worry about it for now. Drove off a few blocks away, took pictures and filed a damage report. I was pretty pissed at this point because I intended to ride about 2 more hours if not more. Drove home, looked up best puke cleaning methods with household items, and cleaned the hell out of the car from about 1am-6am. It was entirely painstaking. Luckily, Lyft got her to pay me a good sum of dosh and I got to pocket all of it since I cleaned it all on my own -- looked and smelled like new at that point. BUT, I definitely don't want to deal with another puke incident in my car again. The extra incentive was great and all, but what a headache!

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