Does this count?

If you think pretty plain its logical and understandable Palestine and Israels Neighbours are upset. Imagine you just are doing your thing, existing as a country and boom. You lose territory because there is a people that demands a state they think was promised them by god ( i dont know to much about this specific Justification that goes back to Abraham, King David and Solomon...). This is obviously hard to understand. However i will make myself clear. The Jews suffered indescribable Horrors over history amd still do, they deserve their state. However, the recent behaviour i have seen is just unnecessary. The settlements are just one thing, then occupying Jerusalem and just further provocations. With such provocations the regions wont fight peace. On the other hand Palestine isnt really behaving so great too. I dont know how this issue could be resolved whether as two states, a double state (Like Austria Hungary) a special status for palestine or vice versa. But if both keep behaving like shit and such American actions like declaring Jerusalem the capital or saying the settlements are ok, which is totally pointless and doesnt change a thing except pissing of Palestine for no reason, the region will never be stabilised and more Palestinian and Israelian citizens will die.

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