Does PopOS work nicely on ASUS Zephyrus G14?

I'm using PopOS on my Zephryus G14 without major issues. I have the 4900HS + 16GB Ram + 1TB NVME + Nvidia 2060 Max-Q, model GA401IV-BR9N6.

Install Instructions I Followed

Things I changes during install:

  • Used F2 to access BIOS.
  • After "Modify Partitions", there is a 16MB Microsoft Reserved partition that I deleted because it was blocking me from resizing my UEFI partition to be larger than 500MB. After deleting the Windows partition as well, I resized the UEFI to 502MB, then made the remaining unallocated space EXT4 for PopOS.
  • When installing the modules per the guide linked, I added sudo in front of each command.


  • Wifi
  • Trackpad/Touchpad - and 2-finger scroll, 2-finger tap right click
  • Bluetooth - Mouse/External Speaker
  • Sound - lower speakers only
  • Suspend - SW, Closing Lid, Power button, Fn+F11
  • Changing performance modes - software only
  • Changing to Hybrid Graphic/Nvidia/Integrated - software only
  • Screen Backlight - Fn keys, SW
  • Keyboard Backlight - Fn kyes, SW, also after resume
  • Dedicated volume up/down keys, Fn_+F1 for mute
  • Unlock the "Super"/Windows key - Fn+Super
  • All of my Steam games, after enabling Proton for two of them.
  • Play/Pause Fn+F3
  • Screenshot Key Prtsc
  • Airplane Mode Fn+F12
  • Fractional Resolution Scaling for larger text at 125%, only after swithing to hybrid graphics

Unknown/Doesn't seem to work

  • Micophone mute button - doesn't seem to do anything, even after adding lines to alsamixer configuration file per the guide.
  • Fractional resolution scaling in Nvidia graphics only mode.
  • Performance mode Fn+F5.
  • Performance mode dedicated button above Fn keys.
  • External Monitor - untested, reported working elsewhere
  • The system appears to have 4 speakers, the top-side tweeters don't seem to work. The lower ones sound just fine for everything I do.


I used lI'm just getting back to Linux after a decade or so. I've been using OSX to do work, and tried to accommodate Widows after purchasing the G14. I've never really used Windows too much and the software instability issues I ran into are showstoppers, so installing Linux on the G14 was a prerequisite for me keeping this laptop. I really desire a very stable software environment.

Using gparted during the install may be a little daunting for a newbie - setting up the partition table and setting Root/Boot after writing the partition tables. I left the Windows recovery partitions alone. Install and setup is very fast after that.

System is completely usable (Wifi, Sound, Trackpad) on basic install, but backlighting and function keys needs the modules - installing the modules to get everything working may be a little troublesome for a newbie, but I just cut-n-pasted the lines from the linked guide into a terminal window adding sudo in front of each command and everything worked after that. System is stable and everything works as expected - there are no showstoppers preventing me from doing everything I normally do - games, coding, web, applications. I've never used PopOS before, and it takes a little getting used to - I'm excited to learn the key shortcuts to manage the UI without my hands leaving the keyboard - I'm an old vim guy. I may try out some other windowing environments.

I downloaded Steam from the PopOS store and installed my games. I had to enable Proton for two of them. They run just fine. The Nvidia drivers are doing a great job of accelerating the graphics.

If you can handle gparted to setup the partition table and are ok running a couple of commands in the terminal as root to get the modules installed, PopOS gives you a system that works really well.

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