"Does pressing CTRL offend you?" "Baby killer offended by teabagging"

I can't fucking wait to just slug a P3 Squadette with Ghostface and teabag them until they bleed out lifelessly into the dirt. Like teabagging the entire goddamn time.

Then in post-game chat ask if they're offended. After all, they've done the same shit to me countless times and I think turnabout is fair play.

I hope devs make this bannable tbh. I watched a Ghostface doing this to a streamer and it was the most boring experience ever for that survivor.

Survivor TBagging a killer isn't stopping that killer from playing the game in any way, he is just getting triggered over literally nothing.

On the other hand, SLUGGING someone and refusing to hook that person for X minutes while TBagging is plain and simple griefing. At that point the person is unable to play so she is at the mercy of the killer.

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