Domestic Bill summarized

Acting like Islam hasn't been misused.

Can't marry without your wife (or "wives") consent!

But does this happens though? Are you sure every mullah or a person who is married to 3 people consulted his 1st wive that he wanted to marry?

Do you a random mullah even gives a shit about a women opinion?

You don't live in a Disney world.

Either take a (non-violent) stand or die trying, simple.

You are free to kill yourself but don't told other women that they should die trying their husband flaws or take a non violent approach for their sweet husbands.

Again here you think that husband are some sort angels that can't do anything wrong.

Eh?!! Threesomes? With your own fucking cousin and... may

That's your own mindset. Keep it to yourself.

This law can also apply if a women wants to do a job but her husband or anyone one else is opposing it because men also works there and you will have to communicate with them.

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