I don’t get why Kpop Stans are so desperate to pretend like privilege doesn’t exist in the industry

Omg yes, this really annoys me (lol)... as all the other posts here already stated, privilege is nothing bad.

They didn’t ask for it; they’re just building on what they’re given, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I love how you said that, sums it up so well!

E.g., moas...some love to state that txt didnt have any privilege because theyre not from any big 3 company. But...they had a privilege. Theyre under the same company bts is under. Of course people where exited to see what big hit is gonna do next. Of course kpop Fans had their eyes on them. any group debuting under hybe/big hit has a privilege nowadays. Even if theyre not officially part of the big 3. I honestly dont really now how to properly state my point here without offending anyone...sorry if i did. :-/

But any "privileged" group out there where just building on what they where given. They also had to train hard for that. Privilege is not downgrading them. There is really nothing wrong with that.

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