Don't believe the data on penis size? A different perspective might help...

Lol you just wasted all that time writing complete nonsense, because none of that was what I was talking about, at any point.

Yeah me quoting you and addressing everything you say isn't relevant because you can just make up some new fantasy. Like the one where I told you that I was a virgin, and... oh how now it suddenly doesn't matter if I did or did not, because my "actions" (i.e. verbally raping you for 2 weeks) prove it.

I'm also the one telling you I'm not

I'm as thin as they come

Nah you told me you're a lanky bitch right there, you trying to claim otherwise now is just you covering it up :)

I OWN a packaging company

Do you package your stupidity? And send it off? How could you possibly be a business owner with a brain this small, did you inherit it? Are you running it into the ground and paying for your new cars with a credit card?

Want pictures of that too, or will you just ignore it?

Nah I can google Range Rover myself, I don't need your help with that, thanks. Do link the evidence that supports your racist hypothesis though.

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