I dont think there is a way out

The reason why is difference in thinking that people keep which they were raised with. It's super uncommon to go against grain- yet can be done! I have a friend who was raised in failed biz environment - I think she was encouraged/pressured to do better and I'm guessing pulls 6 figures now. What I've noticed from high income people is part of it is family connection other part of it is strategy that I know I wasn't raised with being middle class. And I've met people who were raised low income and I saw how they did things and they just didn't know better. Poor people aren't lazy always- it's often lack of information/strategy. Although I will say it could be laziness- the high income people I'm thinking of also worked hours that most people flat out wouldn't be willing to work. Some people want to work part time or full time and wonder why they don't have more money. Sometimes that's not good enough. A lot of those people work 60-70+ hrs/week.

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