I need about $2500 to pay for my tuition and living expenses until I start my full time job after graduation. What can I do?

They're terrible, predatory places but in this case if you have no other option (like actually literally no other option), maybe it makes sense. But only if you are guaranteed this job. Sign job papers first. And do research. You need to know exactly how much you will owe, interest, etc. When you take out the loan you immediately owe back a large percentage the very first day so be very very careful. And if you don't pay back within the first pay period, I believe the interest goes up. I don't know completely how they work, but it's a last last resort.

But before you do this, try a credit card or call your bank and ask for a "line of credit" which is usually like 5-10% interest. That should be your first route and are both way safer options.

Another option is just getting an interim job, paying things off, then applying to jobs.

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