I have never looked into 401ks because I never expected to live this long

This reminds me of a show I saw about doomsday preppers, and one guy said that he spent his kids’ college funds on an underground shelter. He said “Because after the impending societal collapse, they won’t need a college fund anyway.” And this really stayed with me and taught me a life lesson, because this prepper was prepared for the world to end … but he was totally unprepared for the world not to end. This show was about ten years ago and by now his kids are college age, and he is probably wishing he had planned a little better. The moral of this story, to me, is that the whole point of being prepared is expecting both the expected … and the unexpected. Before this, I hadn’t thought much about the future. But after watching this I got more serious about retirement, emergency funds, things like that, because my mindset changed.

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