A look at DotA2's from a game design perspective

While a post reaching the front page tends to be a bit circlejerky, I've always thought DotA 2's game design has been quite a bit clunky.

For instance, look at something like Beastmaster. His namesake is "beastmaster," which is supposed to be a master of the wild, but he summons only like 2 beasts total.

Same for many other heroes whose theme tends to be a bit of hit and miss(random healing ward in jugg's arsenal says hello), referencing back to the time when heroes where quite literally copy pasted from WC3, and haven't been touched since aside from a few adjustments. Or "lone" druid who has a bear companion(!) but can't even attack if it wanders too far away from him. The hero could benefit much more from a focused theme such as that of shapeshifting and druidism.

Then there's the bunch of odd game design choises, that just don't make any sense from a mechanical point of view. Why can't WD's ward target creeps? This ability could be easily coded to prioritize heroes, but for some reason it can only target heroes. Maledict same thing, mystic flare same thing. Is SWM that weak of a mage he can't cast his slowing AoE ability on creeps if no heroes are in sight? It's an example of bad design.

So yes, while some heroes "function" and can be fun to play(like Jugg since he has a low bat and good melee kit, despite his clunky healing ward) the overall experience can be a bit clunky to play, and definitely shows it's age. It's not a hero I would design if I were a game designer in 2017, mind you. It's just something the community has gotten used to, but is not exactly a shining example of a pinnacle of hero design in 2017.

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