Dotcom Bubble 2.0 is here -- CS enrollment is going crazy again...

I just graduated with a CS degree, can confirm the enrollment was severely outpacing the universities ability to hire decent professors. Which means crap professors were held when they should have been fired leading to poorly taught students. Also even with a high dropout rate there were quite a few students making it to graduation with essentially no knowledge of computers or how to program. "D's make degrees" as the near-drop outs are fond of quoting.

Of the ~100 students graduating I'd trust < 30% of them to be worth attempting to train for an IT job. The others I wouldn't trust in a help desk position. Churning kids through universities is a cash cow.

This was literally my University experience - and I haven't forgiven them for it. None of what they taught was an accurate reflection of the current (at that time) real world and had no real practical application beyond bird-spotting (oh I recognise those words I saw them at University) - I let them waste my time, then after graduating had to teach myself all over again to make myself hireable and supported myself doing freelance cyber-security work (the knowledge of which came from my own passion for it - not the university). Honestly and it's a shame but I can't think about my University days without getting angry - it's turned toxic for me.

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