Dramatische cijfers uit Wallonië: het communautaire komt hoe dan ook binnenkort op tafel

It will always baffle me how they turn an economic situation into a communautaire debate. Of course, they never mention the context nor the history of the region. It took nearly 100 years for Flanders to catch up Wallonia's economy and that didn't happen without massive migration from Flanders to Wallonia. Yet they expect Wallonia, that has a complete different profile to catch up Flanders' economy in what ... 60 years? Anyway ... tell me about one country, just one, where all the regions are equally rich. Ever heard of Berlin in Germany? Do you think Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is as rich as Noord-Holland? Ile de France vs Hauts de France? And the list goes on, really. The truth is that nationalists have run out of arguments now that the language problems have been solved (bar some exceptions).

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