New Dem Congresswoman of “impeach the MF” fame has a history with Trump.

As a previous insider who watched MSM nearly every day, its even weirder to me now. I cant even believe I even clicked on the shit a year ago. I was SOOOOOO anti trump not but too long ago. Now im scared about whats going to happen after he leaves...

Nothing scares me more than knowing I was practically brainwashed to the point I was unconvincable. I got lucky I randonly pieced the puzzle together myself the week I decided I was going to binge youtube before offing myself

I wouldnt even call it brainwashing. Its just taking advantage of all the dumb people and everyone not paying any attention and reading headlines without actually thinking. Its brainwashing for sure, but different. Its more like they brainwash themselves rather than getting brainwashed

I never felt more confident in myself the day I realised being smart didnt mean having a smart brain and getting lucky, but rather being willing to question LITTERALLY EVERYTHING

I told myself I was going to binge youtube for a bit before college started back up, then I was going to walk into the kitchen, where my dad keeps the gun incase another crazy animal falls into and attacks our dogs in the back yard, and shoot myself. Never been so confident in that plan.

Ended up watching some Joe rogan a couple days in, saw that jordan peterson guy and ended up watching some of his lectures. Eventually ended up promising myself I wouldnt leave my room until I had a plan. A real plan.

Fast forward one year and im on the edge of starting a small business. Know the industry like the back of my hand. The plan works. College is getting hard and im sure i wont make it through this semester because im just not understanding of hard algebra. Yet any business math flies through my head. Realised knowledge is in the hands of the beholder. Everyone will call you crazy. Everyone. Parents will say they support you but you can tell they are worried. Doesnt matter. Knowledge matters.

Im not trying to brag im sorry if it seems that way. Im still broke and living with my parents. Thing is at least im not dead. At least I have a plan. At least I found out happiness isnt on a scale of 1-10 but rather 1-100+

Im no genius but at least I realise reality expands beyond the scope of my own imagination in ways inimaginable. If you understand that, then you understand that faliure is only the cause of not trying.

Sometimes I think maybe it really isnt worth it. More and more it seems as I learn and time goes on.

Peoples arent dumb on average. They are uneducated. That isnt dumb. They have glass ceilings they dont understand. They can though, so its a race. A race of who can build the puzzle of reality the fastest.

At this point im drunkish and rambling but my point is that rock bottom isnt rock bottom. It can go lower. Aiming for the stars is easier than surviving in rock bottom. I never imagined myself being so sad, followed by so happy. It didnt happen fast but time still flies. You never know where the click moment will come, but when it comes, knowledge is more addicting than anything else. It can come from a drug internvention, or it can come from a string of joe rogan/jordan peterson days long binges.

Being succesful is easier than it seems. Its not easy for sure, but working you ass off harder than you ever thought you could seems impossible now, but one day it might just seem lik3 the only thing you can imagine to even be happy. Hard work at that point is nothing but justified ambition, and justified ambition that you cant stoo thinking about is far stonger than anyone on the internet calling you a "racist sexist anti gay" because lets admit it, those people arent against people who are racist and sexists, they are against people who think for themselves. Even if its your own parents. Growing up means thinking for yourself.

Hell maybe it takes drinking some of your parents alcohol at 3am 3 days before class starts to realise your antisocial ass needs to start a youtube channel rather than annoy redditors with a books worth of writing for no goddamn reason

Finally found our what Im like when I drink. So dizzy. Night/morning fellow pedes. I always thought alochol made you dumb but I guess its more basic motor functions that suffer. Is this the same comment I started like 20 minutes ago? Weed helped make me conservative. I started thinking about other problems rather than stupid problems. I need my flu shot. Id rather smoke than be this awake and dizzy at the same time. Dont play the powerball its a scam. Conservatives get taken advantage of just like the left. Buy one good wallet and youll never have to buy one agian. Part of living is understanding your own insanity is what makes you unique. Eat nuts if you have IBS. its tax time soon dont forget.

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