The easiest way to improve your audio quality on a budget.

There's nothing educational about a sub where a veteran of the industry gets downvoted to oblivion for standing up for the idea that Hi-Resolution is a term that holds meaning in audiophile circles. Frankly, I am insulted that my decades of experience are held in zero regard and while you're spouting what is basically nonsense to a crowd of cheering lemmings.

Your post is full of inaccuracies. FULL of it.

If you think any MP3 ever can sound as good as a cd, you don't understand what lossy compression is or how mp3's even work.

If you think cd's are the pinnacle of possible reproduction, why aren't they used for studio masters?

If you don't even know what DSD is, how can you sit here and say it's no better than a cd?

Where do you get this silly idea that "our ears can't hear the difference"? Of course they can, you just need equipment capable of reproducing it.

Also, I'm done at this sub. Nobody gives a shit here about learning or getting facts right. It's a popularity contest in here for a bunch of people that, at best, know about half as much as they think they do. Bye.

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