(The Economist) Amid the opioid crisis, a different drug comes roaring back | Meth

Lol Maybe i should, but really, i am hoping for an explaination for some of these out of character behaviors. I mean was it just bad writing? I am a bit past the part where gus cuts the guys neck in front of them in the lab. Why is white all of a sudden saying stupid shit ? "Get me a room with him and I will take care of the rest" i'm like what??? Or like when after he ran the people over and met gus in the desert he starts speaking tuff and bold as hell as if his demands even make sense, as if he isn't in the wrong, completely out of character. And wtf possessed Jesse to think walking up to two guys in an attempt to shoot them would be a good idea? Like really some of the recent bits are so unbelievable its turning me off.

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