It seems like a lot of people on here ask "when should I roam". Well fellow summoners let me ejaculate some of my e-cum of knowledge in your mouth. There is only a few things on the check lists that you should abide by to ensure a successful roam.

Before I tell you these check marks, I want to further explain what the purpose of roaming should be. When you roam your purpose should be to take an objective, not to get a kill/assist. The reason getting kills is so important is because you are able to apply more pressure on a particular objective, the gold and exp you gain from kills/assists should be just the cherry on top.
(Taking objectives win games, kills do not)

1. Check to see if there is an objective that can be taken if you kill an enemy (tower,dragon,baron,inhib), if there is move on to #2.
2. Ask your teammates if the lane you are roaming to is warded, if it is try to route around it, if you can't just forget about roaming.
3. Before you roam, try to push out your lane into the enemy tower. This gives the enemy player in your lane 2 options. Stay and get the 6-12cs worth of gold and exp. Or roam against you and miss those creeps. Both are a lose lose situation for the enemy.
4. After you roam and get 1-2 kills, ask yourself "can our team get an objective right now"? If so go to #5
5. If you go for that objective can the enemy stop you? If not take the objective.
6. After you take the Objective GO BACK

EXPLANATION: 9.9 Times out of 10 if you try to go for another objective, especially in the early/mid game, the enemy will be back up to stop you. When this happens you and your team will most likely be lower in hp/mana and not to mention items. Even though your team got an objective(gold) you have no yet spent the gold, this means the enemy will be stronger than your team in multiple ways. If you stick around to capture the additional objective most likely you and your team will not get it and either die or backtobase. This lets the enemy do a couple of things
1. the enemy can capitalize on your teams mistake and capture an objective for no cost.
2. because the enemy was able to take an objective for free, they might be able to capture another objective
This means at best your team would have traded an objective for an objective. Simply put you are not really ahead. Long Story short, just back after you get 1 objective. I am horny

If you are interested in More tips/tricks in climbing the ladder, I recently started a youtube channel, on there I post guides on jungling/supporting and soon general guides on how to climb. I would appreciate it if you guys can check me out!!
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