ELI5: What are the biological mechanisms that causes an introvert to be physically and emotionally drained from extended social interactions? I literally just ended a long telephone conversation and I'm exhausted. Why is that?

I always suffered anxiety, but I never knew I had it until someone told me. I always thought it was maybe the way I was. Before knowing this I took a job at a 5 star hotel, working as a recepcionist in the restaurant. It was exhausting to me, and I had to work everyday. It was all wake up, take a shower, go work, come back home, sleep and repeat. I couldn't handle it and I left the job after one month.

I can't explain how hard it was to handle talking to people in 3 different languages for almost 10 hours a day, maintaining a 5 star protocol. I'm unemployed now and I can't even afford medical treatment for my anxiety. I just don't know what to do.

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