ELI5: What does love feel like?

For me, love has always been, and will always be, a form of worship. Some people believe in God, other people in money, and some in sex. For me, it's always been love. I've been in love once, am currently not in love, and don't know if I ever will be again. But there's an irrevocable energy there, isn't it?

Imagine lying in bed next to someone, and you know they love you. Their body is sprawled across the opposite end of the bed, but their fingers still reach back to find yours. Imagine the reassurance you have, knowing that despite their need for comfort in the deepest state of unconsciousness, they desire to touch you. So you're lying in bed, and it's 2:51am, and you're wondering how the fuck can be so much death and disaster in the world when feelings like this exist. How the fuck can there be so much unhappiness on earth when your heart feels like it's going to burst with joy. And you're watching them, you're watching your love sleep, and you see their chest rising up and down...and you smile. Why the fuck do you smile? Why the fuck does someone's pure existence make you so happy? Imagine knowing that their patience for you will last until the last time their chest rises. Imagine knowing that they will love you on days you don't love yourself, on days you don't deserve to be loved, and on days you forget how to love them. Imagine knowing that when this person wakes up, no matter what lies ahead, they will smile at you. They'll smile at you, and kiss you, and you can both lie there and temporarily forget the real world.

Which exists. The real world is still there. You'll still have days where you crumble, days where you don't believe in God or money or sex or yourself. You'll have days when the last thing you want to do is see anyone, all you want is to be alone.

But you come home, and you know that you want to be alone with the person you love. You still want to sit quietly and watch the game with a beer in one hand and self loathing in the other, but you want to hear the rustle of her book once in a while too. You want to feel the weight of her legs in your lap, you want to know she's there.

I dunno. A lot of people say that this kind of love dies out, that it's a sort of grace period for relationships. I don't think so. I was in love for four years, and there wasn't a single day it got boring. There's something miraculous about the person you love loving you too.

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