ELI5: what's the deal with people getting upset about [website name] having access to personal data?

Because that is what it means?

Using the internet/providing data is "signing up for an account"? Are you aware that ever site can collect all sorts of data from every visitor, even without you "signing up"? (Apparently not, but now you are.)

I've never seen a social network that applied a ToS before signing up for the service.

Read them again.

Here's reddit's... Note that "account" isn't even mentioned until the 3rd paragraph, but only in context of how reddit can unilaterally suspend or cancel them.

I was addressing your argument directly, I don't see how my comment could be construed as irrelevant.

Only by creating a straw-man hypothetical universe in which data is magically unavailable until you explicitly agree to ToS (and presumably where the ToS only applies as long as you remained registered, and the ToS is binding and never can be changed except by mutual agreement).

If YOU agree to one-sided terms that benefit the other party more, that's on you. "I got this crappy deal on this crappy car. The seller didn't lie to me about anything but I've arbitrarily decided it's his fault anyway."

But, yet again, we have a false comparison to a mutual agreement. If I sign a mortgage, the rules are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than with a ToS. First, I am actually signing it. Second, I had an opportunity to dispute clauses. Third, if I BREAK the contract, it becomes null and void with exception of clauses specifically directed at breach of contract. For instance, there might be a clause requiring inspections; if I stop paying, they can take the house, but they can't inspect it. Fourth, a contract only lasts as long as the business relationship; not true for ToS. They are continuously in effect, even BEFORE you go to their site, and continue after you stop visiting.

The analogy to contracts is flawed. So, stop comparing them to contracts.

Everything else you said is simply rehashing the flawed contract concept.

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