Entire OK Computer Sessions Have Potentially Been Stolen – Need Help Alerting The Band

Rough full band version of Motion Picture Soundtrack in 2.mp3 @ 33m

Solo version early in 3.mp3

Amazing version of Lift around 10m into 15.mp3

13 39.40 is great

track 18 is sick. The first bit is just vocals of Thom walking around with a cassette tape recording lyric ideas or something

track 7 42:10 through to the end is pretty dope

True Love Waits @ 15:53 in 1

Electioneering - 20 minutes into track 15 or 35 minutes into track 16, there are a few other versions but I just found those

06:18 in 13.mp3

what is with the whole 13.mp3 file. It looks like they had an old tape and were recording radio broadcasts for some reason and that got mixed in with everything else

track 2 55:35. one of the unknown tracks in the leak sampler earlier.

files 15 16 17 consist of the final ok computer tracks.

the rehearsal of The Tourist at 48:10 on track 4 is great

Half-finished Exit Music at 3.02 of Track 11 is an interesting look at the process.

Ok Computer Sessions- Track 1

0:14 Exit Music acoustic demo, alternate lyrics including snippet of "life in a glasshouse"

1:58 I Promise full band rehearsal

5:47 Attention full band rehearsal

10:48 Electioneering full band rehearsal

13:18 Lift (live), soundboard recording, incomplete, sounds like Pinkpop to me

15:52 True Love Waits, full band rehearsal

22:30 untitled studio jam ("little by little/falls away")

23:36 distorted found sounds/ jazz records

24:28 Lift (live), unknown source

28:30 Electioneering (live), unknown source

32:08 I Promise (live), unknown source, definitely the same show as the preceeding

36:30 unknown song demo, Thom on acoustic and Jonny(?) on electric

38:10 Airbag extended full band rehearsal

48:29 I Promise (live), different show from above

52:30 untitled acoustic demo, Thom only

53:20 I Promise (live), yet another performance

57:24 Electioneering (live), same show as above?

1:00:57 Paranoid Android rehearsal

1:05:36 Airbag rehearsal

1:07:40 Electioneering (live) -- again

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