Have you ever had sex with a prostitute? What was it like?

I know I am well late with this post but here goes. I went to one recently as I wasn't happy with how (maybe) I lost my virginity when I was 18 and also I never had a one night. I suck with trying to get women to sleep with me. Just to backtrack a bit I think I lost my virginity at an after exams party. Basically this fat girl, who I wasn't remotely attracted forced fed me vodka. Now I never drink vodka but I was so drunk I didn't care.

Next thing I know I am getting handjob and kissing the face off her at the side of the house. It this stage I was having partial blackouts but I do remember an amazing sensation on my penis but since we were both clothed, and she refused any further sexual advances. I assumed that I dry humped her leg. To this day I'll never know as we were as drunk as two sailors. I have lost all respect for her as I feel it was her intent from the start to take advantage of me in that manner.

Now to fast forward to my escort experience. So now at the age of 23 I decided fuck it. I want to experience proper sex for the first time. So I went on to a website found a mature Spanish lady who was a 8/10. I rang her and agreed to meet her for an hour. She gave me a general location and told me to ring her again and she'd direct me to her apartment. When I arrived at her apartment I was a nervous wreck as (a) This was my first time with an escort and (b) it was the first time I was going to get sexually intimate with an incredibly hot woman. It was also money up front.

She knew I was nervous so she got me to take a quick shower. I came out of the shower completely naked with a huge boner on me. She gave me a quick massage which completely relaxed me. After that it was a bit of foreplay followed by sex with a condom. The sex was amazing! I fucked her in a variety of positions. Got to play with her breasts etc. I started slow and then progressively fucked her faster and harder. I somehow lasted twenty minutes and she came twice before that. For the grand finale she was on top and we both pounded each other until I came hard. I sounded like OG Mudbone blasting ounces of cum from his fake penis on to the face of a unsuspecting victim. I cleaned up with a quick shower kissed her goodbye and left.

The experience was great but I don't think I'll do it again as it was quite costly (€200 for the hour). I did come away feeling satisfied but I thought "so that's was sex feels like" and I felt it wasn't anymore different from giving myself a prostate orgasm. It was of the same intensity but the feeling lasted longer. What I want for the moment is some regular one night stands, perhaps a fuck buddy or swinging too. But ultimately I want a relationship with companionship and sex.

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