Ever since my first Torrent my internet has been very slow and spotty, and no I'm not seeding anything.

1.) Speedtest Servers typically partner with ISP's.. and locate themselves close to the Internet backbone... so you'll almost always get good speeds--- but it won't be anything close to your "average/typical web-surfing habits)

Well, that's what speedtest sites are for, to measure the maximum throughput of your internet connection. Placing a server close to the customer eliminates potential issues outside of the customers, his ISPs and the speedtest sites control. For your "average web surfing habits" bandwidth is largely irrelevant after a certain amount and response times become more important.

2.) Anytime you "speedtest".. you should remove your Router (in your case, you can't).. and turn OFF WiFi.. and plug in WIRED. Most people make the mistake of speed testing through a WiFi-Router.. which skews results even more.

Why? An 802.11g adapter/router combo with decent reception will get 20-50 Mbit/s, more than enough to speedtest most internet connections. It's a good thing to keep in mind though, that with a good internet connection you might need a decent wifi adapter and router (as in something manufactured after 2009).

3.) Whether you get GOOD or BAD results on any Speedtest site.... it cannot tell you WHY that result is GOOD or BAD. Lets say you get 0.5mbps (really slow)... the Speedtest website cannot tell you WHERE or WHAT is causing that slowness. So it's really pointless as a diagnostic tool.

It's not a diagnostic tool at all, it's the internet equivalent of a tape measure.

You're far better off just going out to a DOS PROMPT and running a variety of TRACERT tests like this:

TRACERT www.cnn.com


TRACERT www.nytimes.com


TRACERT to whatever website you want.com 

The results you get back will be more detailed, more accurate and a much better way of diagnosing bandwidth issues.

How does that help you diagnose a bandwidth issue? A lot of networks block ICMP at the edge anyway so tracert is not even a good tool to find all the hops between you and a target host anymore.

There are 2 things to do here, figure out if it's a wifi issue (either connect by cable to the router or copy a file over wifi from another machine connected to the router via wifi or ethernet) and if it's not a wifi issue figure out if it affects downloads from every server (use different speed test sites, different server on one site/download files from different servers).

If it affects every download and it's not a wifi issue you can either contact your ISP and get the line/modem checked or get a new router. As a private customer there is no way your ISP will look into peering issues or anything like that anyway so if it affects only certain servers you are out of luck and your only option is to switch ISPs or wait.

There is no way his IP is still getting hit with bittorrent connection attempts after it has stopped listening for days. You have to regularly announce yourself to the tracker as available to be considered for outside connection attempts.

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