Have you ever witness someone say “If You Don’t Like It, Leave” and everyone left? What was the story?

Finally, I can share the best story I have really ever, but specifically from my time as a CNA in nursing homes.

We had a woman who was mean as fuck and super finicky about her night routine. She felt like only one of my coworkers was good enough at it but she also decided to be super shitty to her ?????

The girl’s name was Shaneka and she was super hot. Craziest thing is she had not one but TWO sets of TWINS. Yet she was 135lbs (she once told us). She was also mixed black and white. This is important.

One day the resident decided to mix it up and make racist comments towards Shaneka during DINNER, in front of all the staff and other residents. She asked her “how much black do you have in you?”

Shaneka didn’t skip a beat and told her with her whole chest “depends on the day of the week”.

The entire staff, a bunch of black and Hispanic girls (myself included) had to run to the kitchen where we could laugh our fucking asses clean off. The resident apparently sat there with her mouth agape. I quit not long after because of unrelated reasons but I’ll never forget what the fuck Shaneka said that day LMAO.

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