Evil misogynist waiter denies gamer girls cred, drives her into psychotic rage.

OP from original post: Yes, you can carry-out at Ryans if you buy a carry-out box and fill it. Normally you can't have one if you bought the dine-in buffet, but that's why the manager was making a concession due to the behavior of his staff.

My story is not fake. My daughter does play wargames. We unschool. She's allowed to play most games she'd want to. I don't find wargames to be a problem. She gets to drive tanks and shoot people and heal and res people. It's not so different from MMOs except that it often comes with real life history lessons when she asks us questions about the vehicles and military involved. I don't expect everyone to accept this as the right way because there are relatively few unschooling families compared to traditional parenting families. Suffice to say, our parenting style is a non-traditional one, and yes, our daughter can play BF3 if she wants to.

Yes, I'm a fat lesbian, and while my marriage may not be recognized in Alabama, I feel being with a partner for over 14 years is reason enough for us to be able to use the terms we feel appropriate. "Girlfriend" just doesn't carry the weight of our commitment.

And no, of course it's not the first form of discrimination I've faced. What makes you think that? Because I wrote a rant about this one, it means I can't have been discriminated against before? I've been discriminated against my entire life for being a woman, being fat, being queer, being unusual, being pagan, having blue hair, and for not liking Football. (I live in the South.) But I've never had, as I wrote here, FACE to FACE girl-gamer discrimination before.

And I ranted about it because I discovered the Girl Gamers reddit just a short time ago and I thought they'd be supportive and understanding and it'd make me feel better. They were. They did. I'm sorry it ended up here because I didn't write this to be subjected to a bunch of hate.

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