Eyesight is degrading

Ok, here's my experience. TL:DR; Fuck Luxottica

Had corporate eye coverage: First pair, $600 out of pocket. Heavy as shit, broke the first time I sat on them. Cool looking frames would have been an extra $300. Uncomfortable as shit. Insurance "paid" for another $600 on my behalf too.

No coverage on next pair: Went to Walmart vision center for prescription and then bought glasses on Zenni Optical; $159 total with no insurance, memory frames and full coatings, half the lens weight, and survived being sat on multiple times. Looked 10x cooler than the shitty frames offered by the Luxottica bitches. Half the weight and 1/4 the price, what's not to love?

Glasses are a massive scam in the USA, and you can save a hell of a lot of money by not buying from the mainstream which is 100% Luxottica. Get your pupillary distance and you are ready to buy from the real deal.

Seriously, I am on a mission to fuck Luxottica out of any money I can. I ate mac and cheese for a month for those bastards, and don't want anyone else to suffer or those billionaires to get a penny. OP, feel free to PM me. I want to make sure you can see and don't spend a penny more than you have to.

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