[F4M] - Turned Into A Housewife

You stand as one of the most powerful woman in Hollywood. At least, your husband did. Right up until he was banned from the Oscars. It made you happy, to see him fall after living in his shadow for so long. And after you had sucked every ounce of pride out of him, you finally let the trash out.

What you thought was finally a man you deserved, now controlled every aspect of your life. The first thing he did was to make you disown your previous children, devoting solely on him and his house. His family was against bringing a woman of your race into the linage, so there's countless things he needed to "fix", your face, your attitude, your ratios, and even a wig...before you were ready to be the perfect housewife.

This is a small twist on a celebrity who came into light quite recently. I just created this account, so I'm unable to send chats or PMs. I think I can still respond to PMs, so let me know if you're interested.

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