This FACEIT shit is extremely shady.

None of this is a sponsorship

That's what you say. It certainly gives off a sponsored vibe with it being so coordinated. Plus the videos feel like scripted raid shadow legends-tier ad reads.

These matches are not comp servers. There are no weapon bans, there are no class restrictions. The matchmaking is based on skill, so there won't be any more f2ps getting stomped by experienced players.

You are contradicting yourself. Part of casual matchmaking is that you get matched with random people of random skill level. Having a skill-based matchmaking system makes this a comp experience, even if there are no weapon bans.

The third party antivirus isn't required to play on their servers, only if you're suspected a cheater.

So it's not necessary, except it is, as long as they think you are cheating? So how do they make it work then? If they detect you're a cheater, do they force you to download it? Or is it always downloaded, just sitting dormant until they "mark" you as a hacker?

it's impossible for them to be mining bitcoin on your PC while you're playing TF2.

That's not true at all.

They're trying to replace casual, this isn't just a regular community server shtick. This is a legit thing.

"Trying to replace casual" seems like an incredibly difficult task. It's not going to work, because part of what makes casual, well, casual is that you get matched with random people. The only problem with casual that needs fixing is the bot epidemic, which is entirely on Valve to fix, not a third party company trying to sweep in and make a profit.

You don't have to play on their servers if you don't want to.

This is a stupid argument.

Edit: You don't have to download anything to play on their servers, like I said. The anticheat is only required if you're a suspected cheater. Their desktop client is just a portal to their site, you don't have to download that either.

So like i asked earlier, you don't have to download anything, unless you're a suspected cheater, then they force you to download something? How do they know that you're a "suspected cheater"?

Why don't you voice your concerns at their AMA tomorrow at 21CET/3PM EST?

Lol you even gave the exact date and time. Reads exactly like a PR response.

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