Fall Scheuer: Söder ist schuld

I translate this comment to english: > The "Süddeutsche Zeitung" judged Andreas Scheuer: "The Federal Minister of Transport is clearly unsuitable for his office". The Münchner Blatt is not alone with this crystal clear judgment. But even if the CSU politician from Passau may be the worst politician in Angela Merkel's cabinet, he does not have to fear for his office with all the nice side things such as office, office manager, press officer, company car and salary including Bundestag diets. His party leader Markus Söder, who is also Prime Minister of the Free State of Bavaria, lets his barber work, at least until the election. No, the great Söder is not going to get into a discussion about a CSU minister just because he is supposed to be unsuitable.

The party leader will not touch the sensitive issue for Söder. This could lead to a debate about the quality of the CSU politicians who Söder sent to distant Berlin to govern Germany. After all, Horst Seehofer is one of them. For him, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is something like the Austragsstüberl, as it is called in Bavaria, when the old farmer passes the farm on to his son. Söder will simply not talk about Scheuer and his toll debacle, but will go over it. That MPs in the U-Committee accused Scheuer of lying - sponge about it. That the SZ writes of Scheuer's embarrassing hubris? The newspapers write a lot and tomorrow the paper from today will be used again. That the toll committee revealed a full-bodied ministerial quote for the expected toll victory before the ECJ: “Mega toll boost from the ECJ. All doom-callers, Maut-Maulers and know-it-alls can now be amazed: The car toll is compliant with European law and it comes! ”(Quote from SZ) Seldom laughed so much at the mouth of this CSU man. Because mega-boost came - but exactly the other way around. The CSU election campaign hit turned into a debacle. Any normal person would have hid, but not Andy.. translation may be not 100% accurate, the comment was made by the bot

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