Fans slam Antoine Griezmann's announcement he is leaving Atletico Madrid... just one year after Griezmann released an hour-long documentary [La Decision] last summer, at the end of which he confirmed he had rejected Barca and would stay at Atletico - but 12 months later has reversed that decision.

Have already explained because it is Reality with a capital R that Griezmann has won the World Cup, La Liga, the Europa, and so on ... maybe I mean it in context of:

- The furore/annoyance whatever you want to call it, is because on June 18, 2018 he affirmed quite publicly his desire for Atleti yet u-turned (if that's right word) now.

Some fans seem would be happier if he left in 18 rather than declared allegiance to Atleti and then left the following year.

Given Griezmann has a) won a shitload, including La Liga and the World Cup, i.e. two of the hardest trophies to ever win, and b) he's one of the most elite players in the world, I was figuring it's obvious that I mean in the period following his declaration of allegiance to Atleti he hasn't won anything with them that, as a player of his elite level desires and deserves.

Only the most insane of people literally in lunatic asylums would begin a criticism that denied the most obvious and easily provable of facts as a 'criticism' as it just makes them look silly. If I just hated him (quite the opposite) and I was sane but extremely opinionated against him I certainly wouldn't start with a denial of reality.

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