FEC relationship advice thread

Post whatever's troubling you regarding chicks or dudes you fancy.

As surprising as it must be given who I named myself after, it's chicks.

Anyways, problems with girls? Ohhh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh freaking boy do I have problems with women. Because, you see, I don't have the regular problems dudes have with the ladies. I'm not shy, I don't have any nervousness, I've got plenty of female friends. I'm relatively good looking (I like to think), and can make up for any deficiencies in the department by being charming/funny. I probably sound like a cocky douche typing that, but... well... I kinda am, I guess. Huh. That's a bit depressing.

"So Virion, what's your problem then?" you ask. Well you see kids, my problem is that I am very bad with relationships. Because I don't actually want them, but I always convince myself that I do. Why? Because despite my lack of shyness or anything, I'm insecure. Very insecure. Not about my appearance or my talents or my intelligence or my ability to make friends. No, I'm insecure because I believe that at my core I will never be loved.

Yup! Prett-ay dark, huh? Anyways, the only way I can think of to solve this predicament is to find women. And since I don't really go for the whole 'emotions are important' thing, I just look for physical reassurances of affection. Hugs, cuddles, kissing, that kind of shit. Of course, I need a girlfriend for that.

But not just any girlfriend. No sir. I feel the need to seek out women who I know don't have feelings for me, instead of just settling on the ones that I think do, and trying to begin a relationship with them. So I set out to make these girls mine, in the romantic way. I work very hard towards doing so, and in the process convince myself that I care about these girls, hell, that I even love them. Then, one day, I end up in a relationship with the woman I've been seeking. It is no boast when I say that I've never not ended in a relationship like this - I've spent years of my life working towards both entering these relationships and making up for when I inevitably break the girl's heart. Because, fun fact:

As soon as I enter a relationship I realize, without fail, that I don't actually want a relationship. One girl, we had our first date and then I completely stopped talking to her. We started something again a year later, but when she asked if I actually had any feelings for her I told her no. Because all I wanted was that physical contact.

So, now I'm in university. I promised myself I wouldn't touch girls while I was out here, but 3 and a half months in and I've already got one girl in my sights and I've reverted back to my old ways. So.... yeah.

That's my woman problem. Sorry to be a bummer.

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