Let's Cheer Up Friends! Week 13

This whole thing has been weighing heavily on my mind the past while, too, and it reminded me of something from when I was younger.

When I was a teenager, we had this website in my local area that was made mostly for teens, (and some young adults, I think). It was kinda like a social media site, but this was before facebook, (around the popularity of myspace, I think). The site had its own forums, but it also had a journal aspect as well, where people could write in their journal whenever they felt like. Being a journal, it's where a person's thoughts, emotions, daily activities would go. I do remember a good number of happy journal entries from people, but there was the fair share of people recording their bad days and any drama involved in their lives. After so after many years, the whole site just became a festering shitpile of negativity. I, nor my friends, dared to visit the site we liked so much before, because it was just people being negative; not just in their journals, but on the forums, too. Wanna talk about that new game that came out? Too bad, because nearly every person there was shitting on it. The whole site just stank. Of course, this is an extreme case of a site turning bad/negative, but it could happen here if it ever got out of hand.

To be quite frank, after all that's happened here, I don't feel very comfortable with sharing my thoughts anymore or talking with people if something's troubling me, knowing that it makes others feel uncomfortable here, (and it might even cause more trouble than intended, as you pointed out, Toad.) I think I'll just stick to myself, maybe talk to the picture of my role model on my wall if I need something. Whatever decisions are made, whether to keep these kinds of threads or get rid of them entirely, is fine by me - as long as the decision is made by the community.

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