Fellaini making Bellamy look like a fool

Except the first two reasons I haven't noticed and the third doesn't result in the ball staying the advanced area. /circular logic complete

I literally showed you in the second Liverpool how we used the third option. De Gea > Fellaini completely bypasses the entire Liverpool midfield and we suddenly have an attack going.

Nothing wrong with Fellaini here at all because that's what any CM does. This is difference is this isn't him standing in the box passing back 25 yards as soon as he receives it. This is apples and oranges.

We have been discussing playing long balls to fellaini, him dragging people away, creating space and being a menace down that left hand side. You said he had no involvement in the goals. I showed you clearly in both examples how long balls to fellaini were the start of the build up to both goals.

I don't have negative connotations with long balls unless they lack purpose which is what I've been saying about the long balls into the box for Fellaini especially in the Tottenham game.

I was talking about common perception of long balls, not you specifically.

You're sure they have purpose but we'll have to agree to disagree. My evidence is that Fellaini looks uncomfortable making key passes and movement in tight spaces.

Oh you know, besides the several goals he's created due to his aerial dominance in the box, the several chances he created and matches he has won us. How is Fellaini being uncomfortable in tight space evidence that Long balls have no purpose. Do you watch United week in week out like me? I can't believe anyone that does doesn't see what a menace Fellaini is and how many chances at goal we have created the past 12 months using Fellaini in the box as a plan B.

He wants to head the ball (or like everyone else run onto it in space) or he'll kick it back to the half line rather than turn which is very unusual for the guy playing just behind the striker.

He has shot at goal, or passed for someone else to shoot many times in the box. You're exaggerating how much he passes it back. In fact, this isn't a trait of Fellaini, EVERYONE in the team does it. Do you watch United, honestly? RVP, Mata, Rooney, Falcao have all passed back to the midfield from the box. For the millionth time, IT'S LVG'S TACTICS, NOT FELLAINI'S PLAYSTYLE. Loads of United fans are unhappy with house cautious the team are playing, but it's working. It's not always attractive, but it works.

If Fellaini can't covert opportunities in the box then why is he in the box? Have him sit deeper and give him more forward options and more space to get his head up.

... He has converted several opportunities in the box this season. When played up front he has been really good. Much better than Falcao, surprisingly. He's single handedly gotten us several points this season with crucial goals / involvement in crucial goals.

I think the disconnect here is you think I am against keeping possession when I am not. I am against making low percentage passes to Fellaini sitting in the box if the result is a backwards pass. That indicates there is a tactical or formation problem.

How is it a problem if it's working??? I explained the tactics we used the past two matches to dominate Liverpool and Spurs and you say there is some problem with them? Despite those very tactics allowing us to dominate the game and create space for players like Mata and Herrera to work their magic? You realize that passing to Fellaini isn't the only tactic United have? It's only a single cog in the machine, but it has been very effective in build up play, which is what you don't seem to grasp. Yes Mata scored the goal from a Herrera assist, but the opporunity for that to happen came from Fellaini. Similar to DDG > Fellaini for the second goal.

It just feels like wasted opportunities that Yaya Toure or even a Matic (e.g. big guys who turn up in forward positions) would handle a lot differently.

Mate, you are baffling me honestly lol. Matic is a defensive midfielder, he doesn't contribute much to goals (I think 1 goal all season, and it wasn't even inside the box iirc). You mention Yaya, but if he played for United he would be instructed to do the exact same thing, which you seemingly fail to understand.

It really is ok to try to make a play out of very little in the box with nine of your teammates behind you.

It can be ok... but it's not always the best option. I'm tired of recycling the same point to you. Just look at LVG's career to see if his tactics work or not. You weren't even able to identify the formation or Fellaini's role correctly for the matches, so I realise now that discussing / explaining the tactics to you is probably pointless. I'm still not sure what an AMC is, but I assume it's something from FIFA or football manager. Most people on here are armchair managers that think they know better than professional coaches, which is ridiculous.

Can you give me a few examples of when Fellaini received the ball in the box, only to pass it back to the halfway line when the better option was to shoot / pass to someone else available to shoot?

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