Fellow MVP candidate Anthony Davis endorses James Harden as the MVP.

Okay and you can GTFO with your BS becasue you can't deny that the players individually have made leaps and bounds. Fucking saying Curry is the sole reason would be the equivalent of saying he is the best player in the league. And as good as he is, he just fucking isn't.

You don't think LeBron is capable of getting them open looks? Lmfao. LeBron took that miami team to the finals. As we saw he WAS THAT TEAM. He is that good. CP3 is a better play maker then steph you don't think he can get them open looks?

Steve Kerr is an amazing coach you don't think he is capable of replicating this with other great players? Don't fucking act like Curry isn't irreplaceable because he is. I am not burying his accomplishments I am just saying other players could do the same. And people like you act he is the SOLE fucking reason that they are having a season like this. When he clearly isn't. If Draymond leaves GSW, and if bogut gets injured you'll see how historic of a season he is capable of next year.

I know he drives their offense, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a great fucking supporting cast. I even said if Harden wasn't doing what he is, Curry is MVP. Just harden is done more, and its more impressive. And prove my point? The fact he has two capable DPOY year players on his team? A coach who is a multiple NBA champ played with Duncan/MJ/Pippen, has learned from Popovich and PJ(2 of the greatest coaches of all time if no the 1 and 2) isn't a big part of this? That if he had someone like LeBron he wouldn't be able to replicate this? Are you fucking kidding me?

You don't think LeBron who is one of the GOAT, who has a more complete game then Curry better defense (do you remember what he did to Derrick Rose in the playoffs in rose's MVp year?) you don't think that guy is capable of replacing Curry? GTFO with that BS because that's what it is. I give curry credit. But to act like no one else can do what he has done is absurd. I don't know what proof you fucking need. Its Lebron james, its clear the team has immense talent. What Draymond can't play great defense without curry? Curry hasn't been a great defensive player historically, its good this year because he has good IQ and his team defense is good. But team defense can only be so good if your team doesn't play good defense. He has Klay/Igoudala/Green/bogut to name a few.

And you don't think adding a name like LeBron would improve it? You think LeBron can't get them open looks lmfao. Please.

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