I have a few questions about my new Brazilian Rainbow Boa

That's... not how snakes work. Some species evolved to expect a certain ambient humidity and even captive breeding for a few generations cannot un-do that. What you suggest would be a poorer quality of life for the animals especially since some relatively easy changes can and do resolve the issue anyway. Many times you can employ only 2 or 3 techniques to get the desired results, although if anyone has major struggles, continuing to add additional methods will only help.

They are not genetically designed to make up the difference in humidity of their environment in the way you describe.

Ball pythons aren't what you would think of as tropical like a rainbow boa or something, and are maybe more accurately called semi-tropical, but they spend much time in burrows below ground in the wild that they are more used to the moderate to high relative humidity in those tight spaces which is higher due to small space, below ground, etc. As such they do require a certain level of ambient humidity in order to shed well. Hydration can help via drinking water, but you will still get at least occasional if not frequent stuck shed with a snake in subpar humidity (which 40% undoubtedly is). 50-60% is considered a day to day standard for good husbandry and 60-70% the goal to strive for when the snake goes blue until it has shed its skin.

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