My snake pulled scales off will it heal

If you are literally talking individual scales and if there was no blood, then it’s more like they scraped off just the uppermost part of the scale retaining the color but now in “matte finish”, then it will look normal following a shed.

I had some housing that I didn’t realize my milk would always squeeze between and damage her scales so I removed it. Before I did, she’d lose about 10 individual scales between sheds from rubbing against and they were always 100% back to normal “shiny” by the next shed.

So if it just looks like the shiny part came off and there is no blood or anything, then it’s of no concern and will be fine by next shed. But if she went a layer lower than that (in which case you would probably see a scab), then mb it’s serious, but even then so, still probably not for just a few scales.

Can you upload a pic? Are we literally talking about losing just the top part of the scale (sesame seed size) and it’s still the same natural color it should be, but not shiny and now in “matte” finish? If so, then it’s nothing to worry about. Mine even lost that main plate scale on the top of the head and by next shed she’s as gorgeous as always!

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