Thank you for answering. Some days I eat kiwi, broccoli, brown rice, avocado, whole grains. Some days I get depressed and eat take outs, and maybe one coke, or a dessert.

I have been drinking a lot of water lately. Almost every hour. My close family member was a biological uncle, 30s maybe? I don't take any medication. I actually have anxiety about new medication so I avoid them. But I have been taking Miralax almost daily this last week.

I have also tried prune juice but it hurt my stomach since nothing was really coming out and my stomach gurgled. Even the enema after the first evacuation, I was straining to get the rest out but it would not really come out. The doctor did stick his finger in and said he could not feel poop right up the anus so whatever it is, is somewhere else.

I just want to get rid of the hard poop that has been there for a month now. If I can get rid of it, I can get so much more relief. I feel like crying because I am so exhausted by this for a month now. I just want something that will really help take out this poop that has been there for a month now.

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