Focused Feedback: Sunsetting

It’s a you problem in the sense that, no matter what you will use that gun or set of guns. One that actually could be upgraded to another better one but you won’t use so without catering to you specifically, what can be done? Zero, sunsetting or nerfs don’t progress your game

I still don't get how it's a problem at all. I'm having... Fun? With a setup I like. If nothing is done. I'll continue having fun. If my stuff gets yeeeted into worthlessness then I'll have less fun.

The problem IS sunsetting. At least to people like me that loved the "play your way" mantra they expressed back then.

It’s great you do GMs but you are effectively dragging your team back by not taking all advantages provided to you

I literally do them solo sometimes... I don't think I'm dragging anyone back tbh.

I dismantled almost all my vault of weapons that were sunset only leaving my trophy weapons which had high number trackers on them. I have 0 to do in the way of content, grinding some more weapons is not going to change that

That was my whole point... Sunsetting your gear to make you grind more weapons is NOT what's going to give you content. this is the point I was trying to make with "why dont you just delete your gear yourself for more content?".

Sunsetting is not a suitable replacement for content. It just fucks over people that like finding comfortable playstyles, and adds nothing of any worth to people that need more things to do in the game.

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