Weekly Team/Character Building Megathread (Jan 5, 2021)

You could use Xinyan, Xiangling, Jean and Xingqiu for a vaporize team applying pyro, then vaporizing with Xingqiu's Q. That can be very good single target damage. Jean can crowd control, stagger and do fall damage as well as heal in that team.

Alternatively you could use Chongyun , Xinyan, Jean, Xingqiu for a freeze shatter + melt team

or you could hse Kaeya xingqiu chongyun jean for a perma freeze/shatter team

or a Fischl Kaeya Xinyan/Xiangling + Jean Superconduct physical damage team.

With your characters your options are near endless so pick and choose based on your preferences and initially stick to those 4-5 since ressources being spread out too much this early isn't that good.

Just play the game however you want, but for now focus on a team you enjoy the lore, design, voice or gameplay + playstyle , make any of those the reason you use them and if you're enjoying them don't pay attention to tierlists calling a character weak or D tier.

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